Spain Govt creates menstrual Holidays for women

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Spanish government through its sexual and reproductive health law, has included the right for women to take time off work when they have their period.

The right came into effect on Thursday.

The Gender Equality Ministry’s bill, put forward by the left-wing government, was approved by parliament in February.

Since then, amendments were passed as part of the new law.

Barriers have been removed which make access to abortions and changing the gender of trans people easier.

After the parliamentary vote in February, Equality Minister Irene Montero spoke of a “historic day for the advancement of feminist rights.”

Menstrual leave is not a common regulation.

There is no comparable provision in German law.

In Taiwan, women can only stay at home for three days a year, and they then only get 50 per cent of their salary.

In South Korea, employers have to give their female employees one day off a month if they make a request, but the law does not regulate who pays the employee’s salary.

To take menstrual leave, female workers in Spain require a doctor’s note.

The duration of the leave from work is in principle unlimited.

According to the law, it depends on how severe the menstrual pain is and how long it lasts. The costs are covered by the state.

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