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Josyno 1010

Wole Joseph, popularly known as Josyno 1010 is a contemporary musician based in Akure. He speaks on his music career, Music industry and other issues.

Where Are You From?

I'm from Imoru in Ose Local Government area of Ondo State.

When Exactly Did You Start Music ?

I started music in 2008 and I have played for several musicians before I started my band in 2008, that was when I launched Unlimited Faaji.

What Brought About Unlimited Faaji ?

Unlimited Faaji is a way of reaching out to my fans. It was once in a year, after the party of the whole year, January to December, so, I use December to entertain my fans specially. So, my fans come from home and abroad to wherever venue we picked then. 

We did it for like 4 years in Imoru, my home town. So, my fans will come from abroad, Osogbo and from other places to Imoru on the 30th of December, every year. But at a point, we stopped and we moved it back to Akure. It is always live on stage and we did it live on stage in Akure, twice before we started dropping it as singles, like once in a monthly. We shifted it to quarterly but we are just making sure that anything we are dropping musically, carries our tag, unlimited faaji.

So, How Many Unlimited Faaji Series Have You Dropped So Far ?

So far, we have produced Nine series. This present one is part of the series, it's 9 but we didn't put series because we just titled it "O'dijo, O'dayo".

This "O'dijo, O'dayo" Seems To Be Getting More Waves. What Is The Secret ?

The secret with "O'dijo, O'dayo" has been God all through, but this one, I think we changed the modality, the production wise, the producer did a very good job on this, then, secondly, we changed so many things about the music concept. We try to bring in some progressions that is outside "juju" itself. For every music, there's a lay down progression, like if you want to sing "Apala", there's a way we play it, imagine using hip hop rhythm or progression for "Tungba" , so, it's good to be different, we always use able hands and that's just it.

Kindly Click on the link below to Listen to OD'IJO, OD'AYO

Apart From This Series, What Other Projects Have You Carried Out ?

Yeah, I have had a lot of singles. I did "Ire", I did "Awelewa", I did "Je nma ba e lo", I did "wa ba mi se", "unlimited faaji, series 1-9 which is "O'dijo, O'dayo". So, in total, I have more than 12 singles.

With all your kind of music, should I Say You Are A "Juju" Musician?

No. I will say I'm a contemporary musician. Because my music is diverse, I do all genres of music, I'm not basically a "juju" musician. I sing "juju", I sing "Fuji", I sing "hip hop", there are ways I combine these genres of music together. So, that is contemporary.

To be continued...

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