Protesting Youths warn Aiyedatiwa against turning Ondo into Seat of War


Youths from across the three senatorial districts in Ondo state on Tuesday urged the state House of Assembly to continue its impeachment proceedings against the deputy governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

The protesting youths said it was wrong for the deputy governor to turn the state into a theatre of war because he was under investigation.

They protested through the streets of Akure to the premises of the Assembly

The leader of the protesters, Ojo Bright, urged the lawmakers to do the needful if Aiyedatiwa is found guilty.

Ojo said the state House of Assembly should be allowed to carry out its constitutional duties unhindered and un-maligned by any set of people.

He said: “The Deputy Governor has waged media war against the people of the state. We are aware that the Deputy Governor who is now embattled has been duly served a letter on account of gross misconduct.

“This is the people’s parliament. This parliament belongs to the people of Ondo State. It does not belong to Lucky Aiyedatiwa. The parliament has the backing of the people to carry out its constitutional functions. The democratic system should be maintained and nobody can stop law and order in our State.

“It is an act of tyranny for the Deputy Governor to think he can turn the state into a theatre of war because he is being investigated.

“Our stand is that if the Deputy Governor is found guilty of the allegations levelled against him, the Assembly should do the needful.”

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