How Akeredolu's Niece, Aide betrayed him during illness – Group

Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa

Fresh facts have emerged over the protracted feud between the late Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, and his successor, who was then Deputy Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Aiyedatiwa has consistently denied ever having any misunderstanding with the late governor.

During an interview on a national TV last Friday, Aiyedatiwa insisted that there was no crisis between him and the late Akeredolu.

He accused some politicians of being behind the crisis story between him and his late boss.

However, a group, Aketi Legacy Movement (ALM), revealed on Monday that when Akeredolu was in Germany battling for his life, Aiyedatiwa polarised the state executive council for selfish reasons.

The group’s Publicity Secretary, Yomi Ayodele, stated that Aiyedatiwa conspired with some exco members and distributed positions among them with the assurance that the governor would not come back alive.

According to Ayodele, Rasaq Obe, Akin Sowore, Olamide Falana and Wale Akinsolotu were among those who spearheaded the plot with Aiyedatiwa.

ALM explained that the late Akeredolu’s loyalists in government, who stumbled upon Aiyedatiwa’s plot, felt devastated by the obvious betrayal from the deputy governor.

The group stated that Akeredolu’s loyalists became even more disappointed when they discovered that Aiyedatiwa was behind the death wish contents on Akeredolu which circulated on social media platforms.

It said that this evil plot, coupled with Aiyedatiwa’s alleged unconstitutional attempt to take over the office of the governor, created a deep wedge between him and Aketi’s loyalists in government who felt betrayed by his actions.

Upon his return on September 6, 2023, Ayodele revealed that the late Akeredolu ordered his security aides to ensure that Aiyedatiwa didn’t have any physical contact with him.

The group, while releasing pictorial evidence of the security aides carrying out the late Governor’s orders, claimed that Akeredolu cursed Aiyedatiwa on his sick bed.

It said: “The late governor never wanted to have anything to do with Lucky again. The truth is that when he returned to the country in September, he came back filled with appreciation to God but also deeply disappointed due to various betrayals. Topping the list of those who pained Aketi were Lucky Aiyedatiwa and Gbenga Ale.

“Everything that Aiyedatiwa did while the late Governor was undergoing treatment, he heard. Every bad thing Aiyedatiwa said behind the late governor’s back, the late governor heard. Aiyedatiwa wished him dead and was eager to take the position of the governor.

“Aiyedatiwa was using one Funke Aruna Akeredolu, the former Deputy Chief of Protocol, who was the late Governor’s niece, and one Gilda Amata, the former SSA Domestic, who had lived with Aketi since she was 16 years old, to get updates on the late governor’s health condition. They held steady meetings.

“Aiyedatiwa recruited many people on social media and asked them to start attacking the ailing governor, demanding his resignation or resumption of office. He even sponsored protests, radio, and television interviews. All he wanted, regardless of the health condition, was to be governor.

“One of Aiyedatiwa’s aides insulted the late Akeredolu on social media. This aide was among those who were sacked by Akeredolu in September last year. The aide has now been reappointed by Aiyedatiwa.

“So, don’t let Aiyedatiwa deceive you. He knows he didn’t enjoy the blessings and friendship of the late Governor before he died. The Governor was furious with him, as were members of the late Governor’s family. They blame Aiyedatiwa for the untimely demise of their Patriarch.”

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