Call on God to kill me if … Adeboye asks congregation

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has asked the church to “call on God to kill me if Pastor Adeboye is contacting the devil one way or the other.”

Adeboye said this during the 71st RCCG Holy Ghost Convention 2023 while addressing the rumour spreading online as some people say pastor Adeboye is using demonic power.

The general overseer said the rumour does not move him, but not to lead God’s worshippers astray who might believe he needs to address it.

“I normally don’t pay attention to the saying of some so-called prophets, particularly if they’re saying something about me. I just ignore them.”

“… I felt the leading that there might be some people who will believe these things, so I just want us to settle that issue today.”

It is said that Adeboye consults some demonic power in the redemption camp and claims his DADDY said.

“I learned that recently some people are saying pastor Adeboye is using demonic power. That there are some demons at redemption camp that pastor Adeboye will consult them, then he will come and say my daddy said.”

Adeboye then urged his congregation to call on God to kill him before the sun rises if he contacts or has any connection with demonic powers.

“I want you to call on God that if pastor Adeboye is contacting the devil one way or the other if there is any connection between him and the forces of darkness. Call on Almighty God to kill him before the sunrises so that he doesn’t spoil your name so that he doesn’t lead several people to hell.”

Adeboye added that the people of God should also pray that if he is using the power of God, his power should be multiplied in seven folds.

“Father, if this boy is using your power alone, multiply that power by seven folds.”

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